Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind a Wall of Dancing

The music pounds a hypnotic beat.
Harder and harder.
Bass throbs through our bodies as you hands clamp against my head.
My lips part; hints of alcohol escape with my breath.

You lean close.
Your eyes locked at mine.

"Kiss me," you command.
And I pull back.

The lights swirl around like sirens
luring the unwary to their doom.
Smoke surges through hidden alcoves
and bathe us in cold swirling cloaks,
hiding us from prying eyes.

"Kiss me," you demand
And I pull back once more.

Beer bottles clink in the darkness.
Hands grope against sweaty bodies.
Tongues slide against tongues.
We kiss.

The music shifts.  

You pull back

And leave.

I guess I should have warned you.
I bite.

by tobie

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