Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Geekwood: Tom Strong

Once again, from the realm of comic books comes another entry for this blog's Geekwood.  Most of the time,  we find a guy who is smart, or strong, or handsome, or beautifully built.  If we're lucky, we get someone who captures two of the four qualities.  Maybe even three.  But rare is there a man who captures all four, and is socially skilled to boot.

Tom Strong is the creation of Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and Chris Sprouse (Legionnaires).  Unlike most superheroes whose powers greatly define who they are, Tom Strong is a science hero in the vein of a modernized pulp hero.  He uses everything from his incredible intellect, super-science gadgets, total body control and clear undeniable logic to defeat his many enemies who tend to be nods towards various comic genres.

While Tom Strong might not be as popular as Superman or Spider-man, his approach to defeating his villains is always an entertaining read.  The comics show him doing everything from talking down an otherworldly digital construct to trading another planet for the salvation of the Earth.   Each issue an interesting read by itself!  But even more fun are the cast of characters that join him in his exploits, from his wife Dhalua, to his daughter Tesla, his gorilla companion King Solomon, and his loyal servant Pneuman.

 Of course, I can't deny that Tom Strong has massive bonus points for being one of the rare comic characters who proudly cultivates a healthy growth of chest fuzz.  Most comic characters seem to prefer shaving themselves to a more pre-pubescent look.  Tom Strong, however, proudly shows the strength of his testosterone.

There was even an issue where the explore a future version of Tom Strong, and yes, age has done little to bring down this man's hotness.  Even if his hair had grown white, his body remains at the peak of delicious fitness and his fuzziness even more so.

And of course, what comic that embraces the pulp era would fail to have its own share of bondage moments?  There also are issues where our good yummy Tom finds himself fighting against tentacle-like horrors or struggling against bukake-esque monstrosities.. but I think I best leave that for you readers to find the issues and experience the visuals on your won.

But definitely, this married man is off limits save for us adoring his heroic exploits.  I mean, let's be frank here, he already has a daughter.  Superman only accomplished that when an openly gay director was given the rights to handle his development.  Yep, we gay guys are needed to remind them breeders to breed at times.

So with all that, Tom Strong wins a place in this blog's Geekwood entries.  Admitted, he might not be the chunky bulk most bears are, nor the much more hirsute forest grizzlies can get, his massive guns, and even larger intelligence easy shoo him into the world of comic hunks that deserve to be noticed.  

Check out Tom Strong when you can!  With 36 issues out there with each one absolutely worth reading, I highly recommend you head for your nearest bookstore or comic shop and treat yourself to a four-color experience that tickles both your brain and your... other bone.

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