Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geekwood: Wakka

Wakka gets no love.

Splashing forth from the world of Final Fantasy X is the bulky Blitzball player Wakka who actually joins the hero's quest with the Blitzball itself as his chosen weapon.   Muscular, massive and endearingly dumb, Wakka lands a spot in this blog's geekwood.

Go Team!   Too bad no locker room sequence, eh?
Which is sad cause online there seem to be a prevalence of a different kind of Wakka.  Most fan art I've seen (very many of which are NSFW like the ones found here) have a tendency to thin him down to a slender muscle twink much like Tidus is.  For some reason, most people think he'd look better if he was barely bigger than Justin Beiber I guess.  

Oh look, I can fit right in with any boyband.
It was a struggle to find more better images of this meaty warrior.   Interestingly though, there were a lot of cosplay images.    That increased the variety of Wakkas out there.  Occasionally you'd find a hefty Wakka with either a light dusting of chest hair, or a generous helping of hair gel.

But many others were... to put it gently... clearly empowered by strong imaginations and stronger aspirations/  Very few actually managed to capture the hotness that Wakka brought to the game.  But I guess that is understandable considering he is a computer-generated character.

The apron was kinda weird, admittedly.
But yes, while Wakka may not have surged as much waves of favor as Tidus or even Kimari (darn you Furry lovers!) have, he still deserves to have a moment in the spotlight, even if he might be too dumb to understand why.

"Too dumb to understand what?"
So Wakka, this is for you.
Now go get wet and play.

We will enjoy watching.



check this out, if you haven't already...

You'll be soooo happy you did!



Oh my. Uh thanks for the link. I will probably check it out when I'm NOT at work



Hahhaha just tried it! OMG it was fun ahhahahah!

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