Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For now...

Alas, it seems someone has coughed up the cash to pay the reservation fee for the dream house Rocky and I were excited to get.  So it seems, either the world has an even better place waiting for us, or the current people are planing to hold on to the house and end up choosing to sell it again once Rocky and I are ready with the money.

Why am I talking such nonsense?  Because I don't believe it is nonsense.
Ever since I met Rocky, I've been constantly reminded by events in our relationship about how everything literally does happen for a reason.  Cancelled concerts, slight miscommunications, moments that test us, and even the loss of things, places, and people dear to us have all had their own reasons for happening.  For some, it can be an emotional reason that needed to go its course.  For others, a mental reason that needed to be played out.  And others, a physical tangible reason that is necessary for what came next to occur.

Everything happens for a reason.

And so, while it does feel saddening to learn that the house we both pretty much pegged our dream house is now likely to end up owned by someone else, I am not giving up.  I do believe we will find the house that we are intended to call our home.  And I still am very thankful for the many friends who offered their support, if not offered new job opportunities for me to try to increase my cash flow for the eventual purchase of our home.

The search continues.
The gathering of work continues as well.

And soon.
Rocky and I will find the place where we were meant to live the rest of our lives.
A place we can grow old together.
A place where we can say, "Yes, this is where we belong."

Thank you for your continued support, everyone.


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