Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Geekwood: Monkey

Wow... that pose makes me think bad things...
Okay, I have to admit I'm not that familiar with this game yet.
But man I have to say, this guy is making me feel very excited... for many different reasons.

Woof.  I say it again.  Woof.
The game has motion capture work by Andy Serkis, who is known for his portrayals of Gollum, the smart ape Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  I wonder though if the game was approached with a very PG audience in mind, or if they indulged in giving some interesting motions to this particular piece of man meat.

The infamous story of the Monkey King.
Being a western reinterpretation of the Chinese story Journey to the West, this game is set 150 years in the future in a post apocalyptic world with the main guy, Monkey, being the character you use.  Oh Monkey.  You might not be handsome, but man you're built the way men should be.

Any lower and we'd all be smiling.
Then there's your pole.  Nicely sturdy pole, it is.  In Chinese Legend, the Monkey King's pole could grow and shrink to accommodate whatever needs were required.  I wonder if yours does the same.

Aww this could have been the crotch shot.  Then again, with the rod out there, there wouldn't be a crotch shot.
Gotta admit too a big plus is the fact you have very nice feet.  Most geekwood hunks are pretty lacking in that department.  Some have stumps of color.  Others have eternally worn shoes.  You have feet with nice toes.  And yeah, some of us like men with nice feet.

Looks less bulky in actual size, sadly.
So congratulations Monkey, you're on this blog's Geekwood.  I must ask though, are you ever going to have some time for monkey business?  I got a banana you might wanna try.


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