Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The strange transformation of Zac

Admittedly, I find myself wondering how Zac Efron has transformed himself into someone who I actually do find attractive.  While I am one of the few people among my circle of friends who actually enjoyed the first High School Musical movie, I never really found him to be attractive at all.  His face made me always think "strange mannequin with Michael Jackson-esque qualities to his features."

Then this happened.

And I found myself suddenly thinking, "Oh wow.. this is really a MAN.  Sensitive eyes with a great full face of fuzz."  Suddenly, Zac ceased to be what we Filipinos call a "Hipon" (or a Shrimp).  The term is meant to refer to guys who have fantastic bodies but have a head that's best disposed of.

Now, the beauty of this transformation is while he may no longer look the waif that my partner, rOckY, likes:

He still has come to a great middle ground of being the twinkie-do my partner loves...

And the kind of man I like.

So yeah, Zac Efron, here's to seeing your upcoming movies.


Rocky Sunico

You know for the record, it's not like I liked him in High School Musical, NOR do I like the movie, haha


We still have Chace Crawford.

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