Friday, May 4, 2012

How NOT to try to hit on someone else's boyfriend.

So, one delightful morning, Prince, Rocky and I were having a great simple breakfast when this arrives in my facebook messages folder:

Clearly, some one out there
1) Saw my picture and liked what he saw
2) Ignored the fact I mention I am in a relationship
3) Is ignorant of the fact how wonderful my relationship is given I practically announce how much I love the two men in my life every single day
4) Was a mutual contact to Prince

(btw, click the images to see all details)

So of course thinking it was just some friend of Prince's who was possibly making a very stupid joke, I asked Prince if he knew him.  The answer was "No" so I realized it was probably one of those kind of moments when fans added Prince (He is a poi dancer/performer after all) and he just accepted them.  Letting him know about the message, Prince couldn't help but post in his wall.

Which leads to this beautiful display of how self delusions can clearly display the tactics of a desperate soul.

Screen cap continues...

Not content with failing to ever seduce me, the poor sod then tries to malign Prince and affect the relationship with another self deluded lie.  Sadly, we three know far better.

So there you have it folks.
Another classic case of stalker syndrome with a beautiful display of self delusion.
So to all of you out there active in networks like PG4M, Planet Romeo, or Grindr, keep that name in mind.  You may want to avoid having this freak on your radar.

Had he just apologized from the start, things would have been better.  But alas, given the libelous nature of his slanderous remarks, I had to post these in my blog.  Bad enough he supposedly is in a relationship and yet trying to hook up with me, but he makes shit up about my boyfriend in a failed attempt to fuck us up.  So yeah world, feel free to steer away from this one.

You'll thank me for it.

EDIT: 8pm
Guess what, he still hasn't stopped.
Talk about sad.
There are really sad people out there.


Penny Angeles Tan

Personally, I think you should just ignore him from this point on. He obviously craves your attention and right now you are giving it to him. Stop giving him that satisfaction. After all, right now, he is only making himself look bad. :)

Tobie Abad

Good call Penny.

I just had to blog post this because his "claims" have to be met head on. To remain silent would have to have alluded to be guilty.

Beyond that, sheesh, he's so not worth my attention. But I am sharing the link around so others are fore-warned.


Do NOT feed the trolls.

Remember when we tried that last time?


Not worth any of your time.

I think just because your relationship is different compared to others, people will try to test and see if it is not any better or any different from any other relationships.

There are people who are self destructive by nature.

People like that are usually reprimanded then ignored. Unless things get into a dangerous turn.

As long as you guys are there for each other and being honest, then no need to listen to insignificant 'bugs' like him.

Tobie Abad

Thank you so much. :-)

Rocky Sunico

Like what Lanchie said, hehehe

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