Monday, July 16, 2012

Quickie Poetry: Terminus/Terminal

Maybe that's the role I was meant to play
That's the job handed my way
To set the stage, to coach the lines
To take the anger and the whines
To give support
To take the blame
To be a resort 
For these complicated games.

To cry it out
To be the one whose strong
To bleed, to shout
To be told I'm wrong.
To believe, to love
To strive for an ideal
To keep a level head
To think, to feel.

Maybe in the end, 
we do what we know we must
And leave the future to the chance
it will crumble to dust.
Or maybe it is just another day
Another moment in time
To be patient, to be calm
To work, to unwind.

Maybe this will end
Or maybe this will grow
Maybe I was never enough
Maybe I will never know.

But at least, there is something
I know to be true
I left learnings, lessons,
to make you a better you.


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