Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I believe Coming Out is important.

Jodie Foster gave her speech.  And while she did state her call for privacy, and I do respect that given how she's practically living her life in the media's scrutiny, I do believe there is still given the current time and state of being the NEED to come out and be proud.

George Takei thankfully nicely summed it up the way I see it too.
Since he definitely got it down more eloquently than I ever can, here's the link for those who want to read it:  http://www.allegiancemusical.com/blog-entry/i-dont-even-think-you-gay-well-you-should

So yeah, this generation is a very lucky one, to have so many vocal and visible role models.  I recall when I was going through my years of not being sure of who I was, the only role models I could find who were gay were Roderick Paulate and John Lapus, both of whom were portraying homosexuality in a way which was not quite the manner I felt I could relate with.   And while I have nothing against their manner of being gay, I definitely remember going through my years thinking, "Okay.. that's so not me.  So I'm not gay?  I'm ... that fucked up?"

Yay to the new generation of role models.
It only get's better.


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