Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For Equality!

To quote my forever fabulous friend, Nelz.

If you have ever

- had way too much fun hanging around a faggle (fabulous gaggle of gay people) regardless if you are a hag or a stag or somewhere in between;
- worn a piece of clothing designed by a gay person;
- eaten something a gay person cooked;
- worked with a gay colleague;
- had a gay confidant that you could tell your deepest, darkest secrets to;
- had your health looked after by a gay medical professional;
- had a gay friend, or family member;
- designed the hell out of your posters, websites, books, houses, weddings, and events;
- sang along to just about every stereotypical gay anthem and showtune known to humanity;
- had a house built by gay construction workers (yum!)
- obsessed over Will & Grace, Sex & the City, Queer as Folk, Modern Family, Drag Race, Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, and Glee;
- had a makeover done by a gay person; 
- knew or are friends with gay married couples;

PLEASE change your profile picture to this rather tacky emblem for equality for the next couple of days to show your support for us. 

If nothing else, it tells your gay friends you love them. :-)


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