Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ingget ang itawag mo sa akin

Clearly some people have heard of the success and fabulous fun of O Bar and hope to cash in and ride with its popularity.


ONE BAR Olongapo which clearly has decided to try and call itself O Bar and even use the tagline Obarians which O Bar's Oh Divas have long used to refer to their patrons and fans.  Oh One Bar.  How sad that you clearly are too afraid to try to make a name for yourselves.  Given you just had a launch, your own status messages and updates clearly show you constantly trying to push the name O Bar to refer to your bar, and yet all your customers ask or post about One bar instead.  

I guess someone in Olongapo is still going through an identity crisis.

But I understand.  O Bar after all has become a prominent fixture in gay Manila whether on how it treats its patrons to how it celebrates Pride.   I don't blame you, One Bar, for wanting to be more like O bar.

So there you go.  More options out there for the Pink Peso.  Just don't confuse it for the real thing.


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