Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our White Party Shirt Designs!

Celebrating my very first official White Party (although I did attend the previous White Party last year, I wasn't officially out yet back then) with Rocky, my partner of over one year, we decided to have shirts that proudly reflected our gender as well as our geekiness in a single go.

With Pink Triangles to reflect our gay status, we added a rainbow loop to be sure to encompass the official gay colors in our design.  In the back, however, we definitely wanted something that proclaimed how much of a geek we were and at the same time, when seen together worked perfectly as a show we were a couple.

We chose Katamari Damacy!
With the King of all Cosmos on my back, and the numerous cousins on my partner's back, we then added the words Royal and Rainbow underneath each one.  When together, we easily formed the term Royal Rainbow, which anyone who played Katamari Damacy would easily know is the gayest mode of transport available to man!    The shirts were beautiful and exciting concept wise, but sadly were not executed as well as we had hoped.

Ultimately, we were happy to have our first official Gay Pride White Party couple shirts and we're definitely looking to making this a yearly practice!

Happy Gay Pride to you all!


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