Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The White Party 2010

The White Party is coming up.
My partner and I have been excitedly sharing ideas on what kind of white shirt to wear to the event.  While he has always been a faithful participant of the White Parties in the past, for me, this is going to be the second White Party I have ever attended.

As embarrassing as it may be to admit, I wasn't even that aware of the significance of the Stonewall Raids until recently.  For quite some time, my being bisexual was merely some hidden stigma that I had to hide from my parents and that I carefully shared with my friends.  Growing up had me uncertain if I could enjoy shows like Will and Grace without triggering their alarms.  And while I never found myself draw to shows like Queer as Folk, I did have those times when I wanted to state how hot Jake Gyllenhaal was in Donnie Darko or how sexy I found both Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

But thankfully, this last year has been one of finding myself and being more able to honestly speak of my desires, interests and expectations.  Ever since I came out to my parents (and yes, I am still working on THAT blog entry) I have felt this huge need to "hide things" lifted from my chest.  While I haven't exactly been given a go signal to clearly talk about how much I love my partner, or how cute Bear Grylls looks with my parents, I now don't have to lie to them and simply call my partner "my best friend."  I can now tell them that the upcoming Saturday night is already mapped out in my schedule as the Gay Pride White Party.  I can honestly tell them that I don't necessarily agree with how some people interpret things in the Bible to "prove" being gay is wrong.

So yeah, with the White Party coming up, my partner and I have been coming up with concepts on what kinds of shirts we can use.  While most gay people would jump at such an opportunity to show some skin, dress in drag, or peruse the attendance of the event as merely another sexual meat locker to choose from, me and my partner see it as a chance to once more reaffirm our honesty to one another and to ourselves both as geeks and as a gay couple.

Being the White Party, a white shirt was pretty much assured.  To show our gay pride, the presence of the rainbow and a pink triangle was definitely to be present.  To proudly show our geek side too, however, required some thought.

Initially, I thought of making the shirts reflect the recent DC Blackest Night story arc.  With the Pink Corps reflecting our Love for each other (and gay pride to boot!) our backs would display our "class colors" as an inside joke.

While cute, my partner wasn't sure if it seemed apt for the Gay Pride event.

Tossing another idea at him, my inner geek elitist came out and I came up with this design instead.  Only people who knew Dr. Who would be able to recognize the objects, and more so the double meaning lines that were to be in the back of the shirts.   My partner found them cute but wasn't sure if he wanted to be labelled "Bigger in the inside."

So we threw back and forth more ideas and eventually found ourselves going back to one of the major geeky things that we both absolutely adored.

So what will the shirt designs look like?
You'll just have to wait and see!


See you at the White Party!


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