Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geeky Male Meat? That's worth reconsidering!

I owe Theorgy a post for September 1.

For now, however, I feel compelled to answer a question posed by a reader in one of the forums where I cross-post announcements regarding this blog.  The question was, "Why don't you try adding more geeky male meat then?"

Is this Gamer Wood?  Well, not the kind I want to showcase.

Considering how I envisioned this blog to be one which tackles more about gay life without simply focusing on the hot guys who fill our lovely world, the question did raise a nice point.  While I have tried exploring the idea of  geek+gay topics before (such as in this earlier post on Being Straight/Gay in rpgs, and in this other one about Games every Gay Geek should know) maybe I should devote a regular feature on geeky hot guys in this blog.

Hmm... closer but not quite.
Although size queens would love the size of that thing!
Let the rest of the gay blogging world focus on the bears, the twinks, the gym bunnies and so forth.  I can give a home to the geeky hot guys and to the virtual characters who can inspire gamer wood.

Or at least geeky imagery that can bring a rainbow laugh out of you.

So with that in mind, allow me to leave you with this:

Born from the Miku Miku Dance and PMD Editor and the creative (drugged?) brain of Youtube user poeinoue comes a video that is sure to make your brain explode.  The 3D rendering engine is said to be so easy to use, I am tempted to start making my own machinima.

I'll try to post more serious geeky hunks in the future.

Yep, this guy definitely counts as one for me.
And being extra limber scores bonus points too!
If only Jakey was dressed like this in the movie instead.
For now, got to grab some sleep so I can properly write a post as I promised for Theorgy.
Later folks!


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