Thursday, April 15, 2010

Because I am a Geek first, and Gay second...

Seven things I recommend every gay geek should know:

7) Seven Sins
While not a fantastic game, the game does allow you to go around and sleep with men.  Ultimately a meh thing, but it does add you geek cred when you mention this game since... practically everyone else ignored it!  But yes, this strange lovechild of The Sims and the Bible tries to draw an audience that has always wanted to indulge in the Seven Deadly Sins but learned such aren't allowed in the Maxis videogame.

6) Robot Unicorn Attack
From the people who brought you Adult Swim comes a fun free flash-based game where rainbow hues are definitely well deserved.  Robot Unicorn Attack takes elements from the free-online-turned-iphone game Canabalt, adds a wonderful robot unicorn with the ability to charge in the air, and packages it neatly with the last song syndrome inducing Erasure tune, "Always."   This is definitely a game that has to be experienced, and yes, for closeted people like me the game is safe enough to play in public.  Trust me!

5) Dragon Age: Origins
Few roleplaying games allow you to have gay relationships in them.  Thankfully, the beautifully rendered and wonderfully challenging fantasy game, Dragon Age:Origins, gives you a chance to do that and guess what, it ain't just some small moment of text either.  While the call for a "nude patch" has finally been answered by someone out there, even without such a hack, the game itself not only allows you to have a gay lover... but actually gives you one who looks pretty good.

4) Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Never heard of this?  Watch the vid and you will never forget it ever again.
While it might not actually be a game, any gay geek should know it.
And spread it even more.

3) Cho Aniki series
Also known as Super Big Brother, this side-scrolling videogame has more gay elements than you can imagine with each successive edition to its series.  Of the few aware of the game's existence, know now you are counted among the few who have heard of it. 

2) Katamari Damacy series
Any gay geek who does not know of Katamari Damacy is definitely in the need of having his or her gender checked.  Seriously.  Katamari Damacy and its sequels have always had a nice campiness without losing the fun edge.  The game is popular enough to have become the source of inspiration for cosplayers, wedding themes and commercials.  Even the catchy music is worth checking out (I know I've survived a few long drives by playing the songs of the first and second game in my car.)

1) Muscle March
And just when you'd think Katamari Damacy has broken your brain and made you love the Royal Rainbow, the same makers have come up with a new game that goes even further.  If you've seen those hilarious videos of the Hole in the Wall/Human Tetris gameshows then you have an idea what this game is like.  

If you've been wondering whether or not to get a Wii, this game should be the answer to that question.
To quote the official site:

Muscle March™ is a quirky Japanese action game stuffed full of macho bodybuilders. The all mighty protein powder has been stolen so it's up to Tony and his muscle-bound crew to catch the thieves. Choose from a variety of perfectly molded superstars and bring these terrible villains to justice. As each thief attempts his escape, he will smash through walls while making a variety of poses. You must match these poses to fit through the holes and catch up to the thieves. The protein powder will be yours again!

Expect to question your sexuality on WiiWare soon.


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