Friday, October 15, 2010

A Quickie Update, and a teaser on Quickie Fiction

It has been a while since I wrote something other than a piece of quickie fiction or a new geekwood entry.  And mind you it is not because of a lack of things to say.  God knows I have a lot of thoughts on being gay, being a geek, being a gay geek, being a guy, being a guy who likes guys, being a gay guy who still likes girls, being bisexual, being a gamer, being a gay gamer, being a geeky famer, being a gay geeky gamer...  and more.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

From blog action day topics, to theorgy initiated discussions (or at least discussion, since they haven't followed up on more), I can also write about my bar escapes, food recipes, drinking anecdotes, dating, sex, raising a family, caring for a home, style, reading, shows, movies, books, comics, toys, theater...

It is just that lately things have been a tad more taxing for me.  My partner was having some rough times when his wallet was picked by some bastard on the public railway.  I, on the other hand, had to deal with some doofus slamming their car into mine while on the highway.  Toss in the additional complications of ticket refunds, vacation planning, friends who had to move, parties that we weren't invited to, parties that we were, reunions, out of town trainings and our usual weekly gaming night and yep, time does get kinda scarce real quick.  But ultimately, one learns to balance things out, resist the temptation for quick fixes and unimportant acts of stupidity and learns to hold on to what matters more.

I guess for now though, allow me to leave this:

Quickie Fiction
My quickie fiction pieces are short stories that are born from events that have transpired, people I have met, places I have been to and anecdotes that I have either witnessed or was part of.  While I do mix and match things enough to maintain a fictional narrative, all the elements are born from something real.

I don't really know yet if I would be ready to outright narrate actual notes of my life in the way I do in my fiction (especially when it comes to matters of sex and making love) since I do hold in high regard my relationship with my partner and would not want to come of as attempting to flirt or titillate others using my blog.  While I am sure there are jerks who hold a relationship with one hand, then use their other hand to cyber sex whoever easy prey comes their way, I am frankly not one of those kinds of people.  And I even detest further those who use the net as an avenue to declare passion and love for someone else while claiming to be in a happy stable money-raining relationship.  Ugh.

But yes, read it carefully and you might find some gems hidden in the open in my quickie fiction.  Or hell, you might even find some touches that reflect something you know yourself!

While I might not score the hundreds of followers or visitors other gay blogs have, thanks to their soft-core porn posts and their frequent updates on celebrity skin, I am happy enough knowing there are those who appreciate much more intelligent... if not morally-aware blogging that is not afraid to be honest about the fact we are still all sexual beings.

Thanks for being a reader!


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