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Geekwood: Magnus Robot Fighter

He would probably eat Daleks and Droids for lunch.
From the comic world comes our next Geekwood candidate.  I wasn't even born yet when the hero known as Magnus, Robot Fighter first came into being.  Born from the creative mind of writer and artist Russ Manning back in 1963, Magnus was a man who fought against robots thanks to his incredible martial arts.

This sketch was made back in the 1960s,  Timeless and impressive.
Makes you wonder why aren't more characters designed this cleanly?
While primarily based on Tarzan, the character quickly gained a more original feel  with each passing issue.  Like Tarzan, Magnus was raised by non-humans (specifically a robot called 1A) and was trained to protect humans from rogue robots and humans who have chosen to side with the robots.

Somehow I think for most of you, you'd be smiling with arms outstretched ready
 to catch him if he ever did this to your bedroom window.
Set all the way in the future, the year 4000 AD to be more precise, the comic follows the adventures of Magnus as he attempts to protect his girlfriend Leeja Clane, as well as find a way to free those areas that have been overwhelmed by robot rule.

"RAPE MAGNUS..." said the robot.  "Yes please," said us slaves of the technological dictators.
While most Geekwook candidates have a generous helping of hotness, Magnus is quite the tease with precious little moments of him showing of his fantastic physique.    A HUGE tease.  I could barely find more images of him showing off his build.

While the original comics approached the concept of Magnus merely being trained to break steel with his bare hands, later incarnations of the concept gave him an immense reservoir of incredible strength.   I wish I was able to find a good comparative chart of his machine-killing strength against other comic heroes like Superman or the Hulk.

Damn, you see that clawed out part on the dino's neck?
Magnus is THAT bad-assed!
And this was a merit which Magnus clearly used to his advantage.  It did not matter what kind of robot stood to face him.  In the end, a quick application of wits, unearthly strength and heroic determination allowed him to bring down anyone who stood in his way.

His super bulge probably kept his tunic in place too.
Devoted partner, and a shining paragon of masculinity, what else would add to making Magnus the choice for this installment of Geekwood?  Well, how many men do you know are not only straight, but confident enough to actually wear red skintight tunic, white boots, and nothing else but a black belt emblazoned with a huge buckle with the letter M.   For someone in the 4000s, Magnus sure has a love for the classics.

If you can sit like that while having a picnic in your tunic, it is either because
you've got everything to show off, or nothing to be ashamed of.  Yes, Magnus, you fulfill both.
And yes, when he does finally decide to tease us a bit, Magnus does it with a nonchalantness that would probably make others blush.  His ease with his body is quite apparent in how he chooses to carry himself.  How many guys would throw kicks like that when wearing a tunic?
And I shave too!
Not to mention, each issue of Magnus Robot Fighter would have a healthy dose of muscular guns and sweaty armpits for all of you guys who are into that thing.   It is a pity though that they decided men in the 4000s would be into body waxing, but that does seem to be the case.
I'm not sure what Magnus is up to here.
But I am seriously bothered that when out of his tunic,
it looks more like just an oversized shirt.
So, go continue fighting the good fight for us, Magnus!  Well, the fight which as far as we are concerned has yet to begin... and as far as your comics were concerned, had already ended.  You already defeated the Malevs and married your Leeja, and have a son named Torque.  Heck, you even already have a toy!  Here's hoping your new upcoming revival will be a greater success.



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