Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 White Party Shirt Rejects

So, Rocky and I are now ready with our White Party T-shirts!  I was worried about this some days ago, uncertain as to what design we would find to celebrate both our geekiness and our gayness in one go.  Last year, Katamari Damacy was our theme and while the quality of the shirts were less than what we had hoped for, they were still a joy to have.

This year, I decided to try to come up with a few new designs for our shirts.  The first design I toyed around with was based on this quirky game on both the PSP and the PS3 which Rocky and I simply adore.  The game is Loco Roco, and for those unfamiliar, it is a game where you try to nudge, influence and guide a bunch of colored cutesy blobs from one place to another, to wake up others of their kind, to hit switches, and to defeat dark mojas that are out to eat them.    The game as a host of odd yet awesome characters of varying colors, which seemed apt to have for our shirt designs.  Wanting to have a slightly naughty touch to reflect the gay side, I came up with these shirts:

As you can probably see, the shirts are quite cute actually, with just enough subliminal touches to be naughty.  Even better, there were blue and green Loco Rocos to use to represent... uh... Rocky and Me. 

Another shirt design I toyed around with was one which incorporated George Takei.   After Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" bill came to light, George was witty enough to offer his own name as a good replacement for the word Gay in places where it may be frowned upon.  Check out his hilariously cool video below:

At first Rocky and I were thinking of ordering from his official merchandise.  A tad pricey, but well worth the geek cred and fun.   Unfortunately, stocks were out and we were forced to reconsider making our own.  A group of friends of ours who DO fun geek shirts weren't too keen to "taking from Takei's sales" by making their own spin, so Rocky and I decided to try coming up with our own spin on things.  This is what we came up with:

Ultimately, while cool, we decided it was kind of too simple.
So yeah, I went back to the drawing board and tried to think of what else nicely captures our geek-gay life and even better, would be fun enough to wear.  Then it hit me.  The visuals were striking enough to be uniquely geek, yet not too strange.  And their catch-phrase was PERFECT for the White Party.

What will our final White Party shirts be?
Find out soon!


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