Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still no shirts for the 25th

I'm sure Rocky would love to be your shirt.

The White Party is fast approaching and Rocky and I have been fast trying to think of what kind of shirt to wear this year.  Previously we wore some Katamari Damacy inspired Gay Pride shirts we cooked up, with the Royal Rainbow proudly being our slogan.  This year, we were originally hoping to go for It's Okay To Be, Takei shirts but as it turns out the beloved shirts are sold out.

So now we have to come up with something uniquely geeky and yet rainbow-y gay enough to represent our two worlds.  

I've been trying to find inspiration in many other sites, weighing the idea of just having interesting witty words that state something against having something iconic and colorful to be our design.  So far I haven't really finalized a decision that I particularly like.

So far a lot of the inspirations I am getting are from video games we both love.
I also thought of coming up with our own spin of the It's Okay to be Takei shirts.

I'll let Rocky have a first glance at them before I post any of them here.

Oh I'd so want to be YOUR shirt.


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