Thursday, September 22, 2011

Geekwood: Spider-man

While Spider-man deserves a more.. fulfilling post in the future, I just felt I needed to post these three new images of his new look that will be available as a skin in Spider-Man: Edge of  Time.

That's literally one layer away from turning into really good digital porn.  Woof!

How many Peter Parkers would your peter pick?

I really wonder about these artists sometimes.


Then again, hot guys by Adam Hughes are always welcome.

The awkward awesomeness of Todd MacFarlane.

Now that outfit I'd love to see my partner try one-time.

Do guys really wipe their asses that way after a shower?  Really?

Here's one of Ben, the Spider-man clone.
Just so we can see what he would have looked like more real.



So you had a Zac Efron post and now a Spider-Man post? Are you trying to play to my old favorites? LOL


Of course! :-) Sympathetic magic. Eventually a Zac Efronish Peter Parker Twink will come to us and ask for a threesome. BWAHAHAHA!

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