Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't get Miss Universe

I know, I know, I shouldn't rant about something I don't like when so many others do and it does so much more good out there in the world.  But honestly, I don't get all the hooplah over the Miss Universe pageant.  Currently on both facebook and in many social networks, the running joke is that a "official holiday for gay people" is about to happen or that "all gay employees can request for their sick leave/vacation leave today" with the joke being: Every gay guy loves to watch Miss Universe.

Yeah.  Everyone knows what a Miss Universe contestant looks like.
The thing is, I don't.
And I am definitely not straight.
Is it because I am more bisexual than just gay?  Maybe it has to do with me seeing beauty pageants as events that celebrate being a specific kind of beauty, and represents glamour and grace as a specific way of acting, and the whole event and all feels very unnecessary and frivolous.  And admittedly, it has to do with my dislike of how all this has lead to things like this event which seems to glamorize and support doing this to one's children.

Seriously.  And some of these poor children take botox now.  Ugh.
Beauty will always, for me, be something everyone has.
Some may have beauty that coincides with what more people define as beautiful than others, while others might have a beauty that takes a more open-minded or less brain-washed mind.    I have strong feelings against any group, production or form of media that highlights and celebrates only ONE kind of beauty.  Not everyone has to be thin.  Not every woman needs that hour-glass figure to be beautiful.  But it seems in as much as these pageants harp about "Inner beauty" they do nothing but demonstrate more and more the need to confirm to their definition of beauty.

Maybe if Miss Universe had a wider range of body types.
And celebrations of beauty. 
Take away their heads and you'll see the same body type and the same beauty stylings on each and every single contestant.  Hairstyles, racial traits and talents may differ, but everyone seems to try to be the same kind of woman, waving in the same exact way, smiling with the same "perfect" smile.

All The Same.
I embrace individuality.  I embrace identity.  I embrace being brave enough to tell yourself "you are beautiful" and being willing to stand out and be different.   Now I am sure there are those out there who will greatly disagree with me.  Many would definitely say I missed the "point" of Miss Universe.   Some would definitely harp about how Miss Universe is about reaching for one's dreams and knowing we can all "be better".   But I will always say, "Being better" is not the same as "Being healthier".   Wanting to work out because you care about your health and want to look more fit is fine and commendable.  But doing it because you believe you are ugly unless you look like some beauty pageant contestant?  Unacceptable.
Why indeed?
Ultimately, this is just me ranting about it.  I don't get all the buzz and fuss over it.  I don't get the excitement it supposedly contains.  I guess for me, Miss Universe is like golf.  Or the UAAP games.  Ultimately, just not my thing.

Any this kind of thinking starts to become the norm.
Anyone who wants to celebrate being distinct rather than the same, is automatically labelled a negative thing.
So to all you fans who, for some reason are reading my blog, enjoy Miss Universe - Enjoy the show and I hope your "bet" wins.  But please, don't try to convince me of the "virtues" of the show.  You'd probably have a bigger chance turning me into a homophobic straight guy.



Some of my family members think that beauty pageants is an exploitation of women.

I'm as gay as they go but i don't really care much about ms. u

hmmm.... though i don't like watching comedy shows or even talent contests that feature children.

Some find it cute, I see it as abuse.


Glad to see I'm not alone in this, Lanchie.

And yes, I feel the same about comedy shows and talent contests... particularly noon-time shows in the Philippines.

Just tacky, wrong and exploitative.


I don't purposely hate Miss Universe or beauty pageants. I think, in some way they celebrate femininity and they are in some bizarre way, a form of women empowerment (I'm sure my feminist friends will kill me for saying that). But what I don't like is how beauty pageants are automatically labelled by many to be a "gay" holiday or a bonding opportunity for gay men. I really hate stereotypes.
I'm also gay and I really don't give a flying rat's ass about Miss U. I feel like it's just another Pacquiao fight, only the difference is they have bikinis instead of boxing gloves.
You are not alone in these sentiments my friend. :P


Thanks Caleb for sharing your sentiments as well.


and i forgot to say... "i'm as gay as they go."


I'm bi, but I generally use the term gay to identify myself since for me "gay" = anything not straight.

Not to mention, it is my way of clearly showing I have no fears of being identified as gay, so my being bisexual isn't a cover like some claim bisexuals use the label.

But seriously, Miss Universe?

I rather watch reruns of shows I haven't even seen yet. Time better used.

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