Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love. Just Celebrate It.

Can't be Valentine's day without the naysayers.

The Valentine's Day weekend has begun! 

With Mubarak finally stepping down from his throne (about time), Lady Gaga finally releasing her latest song (too Express Yourself for me.  I rather stick to Kylie and Katy), and everyone all around the world celebrating their relationships (or their singlehood) the world seems to be a little bit brighter today.  Amidst the rising gas prices, strange weather shifts and the continued breeding of horrible people, it is nice to know that good things do still happen.   Great things too, although one has to learn to have an eye for them nowadays.  With so much media pushing the misconception that things worth celebrating always need hype and pomp, there seem to be less and less people out there who know how to appreciate the simple good things in life.  Like, why should love only be celebrated on Valentine's day?  Why not make every day a chance to extol the fact you are able to do everything you can, whether it be spend hours surfing the net and chatting with your friends, or minutes watching your favorite shows, or days having the leisure freedom of choosing what to eat, or months of knowing you have a roof over your head.  A common adage others bring up is to think about how many people out there are not as lucky.  I personally feel that's a negative reason to celebrate.  Instead, I'd simply embrace the joys, small or simple or grand, as they are.  There's no need to compare them.  There's no need to rank them.

But if you don't celebrate them, who else will?

Everything that could have happened, happens to lead to this moment.
Do you really want someone out there to tell you to be happy you have a job?  A couch?  Or the freedom to download all your favorite porn for free?  Do you really need to splurge your partner's money on expensive things just to feel special?  Do you really need to wait for someone you love to pass away before you tell them how important they are to you?  The addiction for grander, bigger things is very dangerous.  It blinds one to seeing why everything has its worth.  It confuses one to ignore how special everything is.  In a world where there may be an infinite number of factors that can change what can happen at a given moment, can you not see how special it is that something actually is going well for you?  At the smallest scale, it may have been a matter of choice.  But that choice can be affected by so many other factors; the weather affecting your mood, the people around you influencing your views, the political climate preventing you from thinking about that choice, hell, even the planetary physics of the Earth not chancing upon a massive extinction level event causing body out there as it speeds out there at almost 30 kilometers per second.  All these things, these variables, these yes and nos, all these rippled down to the perfect sequence that lead you to the moment you were to make a choice.  Can you not see how spectacularly miraculous every single decision you make actually is?  How wonderfully-impossible-yet-actually-coming-to-pass every event in your life actually is?

But if everything is celebrated, what becomes special?

Think bigger.  If life itself is special, why stop celebrating it?
yeah, they really should come out already.

Valentine's day is a nice reminder that love, too, needs to be celebrated.  Yes, strangely enough people do forget to hold love as special.  Whether it be the lure of selfish lust, or the boredom born from lack of true communication, love sadly does die sometimes.  So Valentine's day is a good way to nudge us back on track and remember that it isn't so bad to actually do actions that show you care about someone.   And all those naysayers who think Valentine's day is just a marketing hype thing, well, they are right.  Valentine's day is more marketing now than not.  But why waste your energy shooting down the idea of celebrating love?

What day ISN'T a day where marketing tries to hype it up?
Why not simply celebrate it without falling prey to buying the most expensive bouquet of overly priced flowers?  Why not share the happiness of love without expecting imported chocolates?  Why shoot down the celebration just because you do not want to foot the bill?

My partner and I are having a Valentine's Day weekend.  While we celebrate every single day with the joy of being gay geeks who are passionately in love, we are making this a weekend where we can be shamelessly campily sweet.  Yes, we might be already that most of the day, and in some ways that is the irony of it all - that for us the Valentine's Day weekend does not seem to be that different - what will make it different is something that I will have to leave off the record for now.


Happy Valentine's day everyone.
To love.
Awww pig.

To real love.



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