Thursday, February 24, 2011

To draw or not to draw... them naked?

Part of me has been wanting to make an adult comic for some time.  Nothing too pornographic, although the objective is to get the sexy going.  In many ways it feels like both a celebration of man beauty and a rebellion of the fact there are just way so much hentai devoted to naked women, or girly lithe men.

Tee hee.
Admittedly I know I have a long way to go before I can even consider my art as hot or sensual.  I don't have the skills yet that other artists have achieved in drawing the male form (in all its wonderful poses).  But like all skills, art does get better the more one does it and I hope by having a comic like this, it would encourage me to push myself to draw things that do more than just tell a interesting story.  I wonder though if the Philippines is ready for a clearly "bara inspired" gay comic?

But I guess if others can make Hercules into someone even hotter than before, I can do my best to make that one classic line in my comic Diliman even more memorable.

Ride me, Horsie indeed.


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