Sunday, May 15, 2011

Geekwood: Ben and Hudson

While a larger majority of all my geekwood posts will focus on fictional hotties from videogames, comics, role-playing games and the like, this geekwood entry is being devoted to two people who deserve to be recognized for their actions.

Ben Cohen, a world-class English rugby athlete and absolute hottie, and Hudson Taylor, an American college wrestler, are both straight, drop-dead gorgeous and have dedicated their lives to standing up against homophobia and bullying.  

Hudson Taylor and Ben Cohen.  Shining examples of hot straight guys you can count on.

Sad but true, there are many straight AND gay people who can be open-minded towards having homosexual friends, but still remain afraid to speak up for gay rights and to stop gay bashing.    I know a few friends of mine who, while happy to be gay, are unwilling to take part in Pride marches and remain silent when homophobic jokes are bandied around.

And yes, Ben understands "smooth" is not necessary to be attractive as fuck!

So yes, thank you Ben and Hudson for being secure in your masculinity and being willing to speak up fro the many others who are too afraid (or will cite "logical" reasons) and remain silent.

Hudson on the other hand isn't afraid to trim the pit (although I prefer it hairy).

I remember some questioning the point of Pride marches and the like.  How they are all just "political" and not celebrations of diversity.  They seem to forget that yes, it IS political.  And it will also remain political until the day discrimination towards homosexuality comes to an end.  

No H8!

I don't personally also understand all this fear straight men have of being seen as attractive by other men.   Maybe I'm just too open-minded in the sense that I see anyone appreciating my attractiveness as a compliment, whether or not I find the other person appealing.  Beauty is beauty and to be seen as attractive, whether it be by a straight or homosexual man or woman, for me, is always a good thing.

But I guess some people just have issues.

*swoons*  for so many reasons.

So yes, thank you Ben and Hudson.  
You are shining examples of how one does not need to be gay to understand and speak out on how homophobia and bullying, especially in sports (which for some reason is deemed only for "straight" people by some).  Thank you!

Read more about them here.


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