Wednesday, May 25, 2011

His eyes were closed...

His eyes were closed but his lips moved as they struggled to form words.    The syllables danced drunkenly across his tongue however, as no sounds he made could transform into anything coherent.   The rise and cresting of sensations were just too much, overwhelming any semblance of expressive self-control.  He felt the other's warm hands continue the ministrations, running circular motions between his aching muscles.  He felt the nudging firm touch pressing deeper against his skin.  It was gloriously painful and yet indulgently satisfying.  He took a deep breath and swallowed all the stress and frustrations of the day away.

This was heaven.

This deep and oil-enhanced melding of the senses.

When it was over, he opened his eyes and waited for his vision to adjust to the dim light.  He was alone now, save for the soft voices in the vicinity that were enjoying their own private indulgences.  He slowly rose from the bed and saw the tiny envelope left beside his keys.  Smiling, he took both and got dressed and reminded himself to tip his masseur generously for such an effective massage.

Sometimes, it can be almost better than sex.


by tobie



Woohoo! Is it me or the air-con at the office just stopped working. LOL! ;)


Hehhehehe thanks for the kind words, Caz.

Alvin Y.

Ang sarap magpamasahe, right Tobie? hehe.



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