Monday, October 24, 2011

Can you help us make this come true?

I SOOOOOO love the Kitchen.
Rocky and I found a house we can dare call our dream house.

The place is pretty awesome, with two floors, a fantastic kitchen, a nice spacious living room, parking for two cars, a cool balcony for any smoking guests, a really cute cabinet-hidden bodega under the stairs, and even a possible makeshift garden area in the back.  Honestly, it is a wonderful find given it is within Cubao and quite accessible for both cars and public transport with just enough street-level adjustment to avoid flooding.

I want to be able to call it our home.
I really do.
Rocky surprised me one morning with this change in status.

But admittedly, it is a tad outside my comfortable price range.  Alone.
It is also outside Rocky's price range.  Alone.

Together, however, the dream becomes a bit more reachable.

But not without help.

Buying a house and lot is always a huge commitment that requires both dedication and a clear mind.  The cash amounts involved can make anyone's head spin.  The bigger picture of being responsible for an actual house, which includes everything from maintenance, to security, can be staggering.  And most of all, there's the decision of whose name the house will be under.

And here's where I need your help, my dear readers.

Here in the Philippines, there is still no official way to get married to your gay partner.
Boasting itself as the remaining Catholic country in South East Asia, the Church still has a very strong stance against homosexual unions.  And the government is still pretty much in its infancy when it comes to gay rights.  Now, my partner Rocky and I have been together for over two years now, and to be frank, have realized that we have found the person we are excited to spend the rest of our lives with.    Neither of us have any plans nor dreams of ever migrating to another country either.
Lasalle + Ateneo = Love

In this country, where we cannot get married, we realize sharing this house, in official documents as the named co-owners is the closest thing we can get to a formal official symbol of our union.  Like a marriage, the title of the house becomes an official document that will require from us to stay "together" in this decision, to work  as a couple through anything life may throw at us, and to "raise" this house and care for it, and develop it for the years to come.  This house, in many ways, is our "Philippine gay marriage".

We're definitely contacting our parents to help us in making this a reality.  In many ways, I personally am already expecting some resistance.  My parents, as loving and caring and open-minded as they have been about my coming out and my relationship with Rocky, are still hoping for me to find the right girl.  Those are points scored for my being a true bisexual I guess.  I hope they can see that this desire to share this house with Rocky is me saying, "Yes Mom and Dad, I'm looking at this relationship as something for the rest of my life.  This is pretty much like us getting married.  Will you help me in doing my part to make this a reality?"

How can you readers help out?

I would love to have more avenues and ways to earn additional income to help with the coming bills and expenses.  Unlike Rocky, I have been unemployed for quite some time after working a long stint as a Senior Art Director and a Graphic Artist for ABS-CBN Global Limited.  I had quit work in hopes of continuing my dream of a film career, but had to put that in hold to help out in the family business, a "help out" that continues to occupy most of my time which I could have had used instead working in a new job.  Not content with this, and knowing I had to do my share in handling the bills and such, I succeeded in finding a job as a freelance writer for a major entertainment network, writing for them and sending them copy work through the net.    The pay isn't big, but it does help me settle the bills.    I know, however, that if I want this dream house to become a reality, I have to up my game.  I have to bring in more money somehow and that's where you readers can help me out.

The easiest would be to be given writing or art-related contractual work offers.  I have an extensive range of experience when it comes to advertising, having worked for more than six years at an international company, creating print, televised and new media advertising that targeted audiences and markets in Europe, Middle East, United States and Japan.  I've made quite a large range of design work as well, from websites, to banners, logos, billboards, full page ads, ezines, vhs and dvd covers as well as web and television commercials.  I can do freehand artwork, photo manipulations and mixed media.  I've directed and acted in some short films and I used to even host a webshow called Fandom Live! for a few years.  I also do webcomics, ranging from whimsical to dark and broody.  I've written poetry, short stories and while this is starting to sound like a resume, I've decide against posting an actual resume because I want to keep this blog post personal and honest, rather than professional and formal sounding.

Thank you for reading!
I'm looking at trying to create pdfs on role-playing games, given it the biggest hobby and passion I have.  I'm also considering making small ebooks or enovels to have sold for the Kindle and the like, once I find a way to do so.  Maybe even online comics like my last one, but this time aimed to generate income.  Honestly, anything to help boost my income a tad more, without affecting the two responsibilities I already am juggling.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough.  But I do hope someone out there might have some ideas (or offers).  Once, I had a dream to do movies.  Too many things stood in the way and I was forced to sacrifice it, believing I needed to help my family first.  Now, for this, I think its time for me to shoot for the moon and reach for my dream.

For our dream.

Can you help me make it happen?



I hope you guys are able to complete your dreams. I am unfortunately in no position to have contacts of that pedigree to be able to help. But if it does happen that I can help, I will. Much luck and love.


Thanks for the response Kervin. Baby steps. :-) But yeah, this dream will become reality.

Thank you for reading!
Feel free to share it around hehehe!


I'll ping you when something comes along, dearest.


I'll let you know when I hear something, okay? :) I do know someone connected with an e-book publishing house, should you want to pursue that.

Tobie Abad

Thank you so much Lanchie dear. Really appreciate it.

Great to hear that Dementedchris. And yes, I'd love to try publishing an e-book or two. Email me?


I hope Tobes that you and Rocky finally get to move to your dream house. And as I always say, the world is a small place. Tulong tulong lang. We'll let ya know if we hear anything. :)

I'm waiting for the completion of my own house which I hope to be a Xmas surprise for my Baby. :)

Tobie Abad

Great to hear that Caz. :-)

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