Thursday, October 13, 2011

Geekwood: David Pocock

One has to admire a straight man who willingly and openly shows his support for Marriage Equality.  More so when the man is one who also holds to his faith, even when his religion might say otherwise.

Admittedly I first noticed him because he was hot.
Then I read about his statement.
Today's Geekwood goes to David Pocock.  

David is an Australia rugby union player who has made this tremendously intelligent and empathetic statement:

 "I don't see what the big deal is with the whole gay marriage debate in Australia. Being brought up in a Christian home and still identifying as Christian, I get pretty annoyed with the Christian lobbies around the world who say gay marriage destroys the family and all that kind of rubbish. They claim to follow someone who always stood up for the oppressed and marginalised. I guess it is a fear of the unknown - if you talk to someone who doesn't like gay people you can almost guarantee that they don't know too many. These are the prejudices that you have to challenge and break down. Emma and I decided not to get legally married until our gay friends could do the same."

Real Straight guys aren't afraid to have fun.
While most of the time my Geekwood posts have been of fictional characters who get me smiling, I've realized I should also feature hot guys who have brains to match their intensity.  And David Pocock has proven that he's one of them with this statement.

I guess we Boofheads and Weaklings have to stick together?
Too many people out there are supportive to their gay friends and family members, but when given the chance to stand up and make a statement, choose to remain silent.  If it is not talked about, it isn't "as bad" some would say.   I'm glad that David has the balls to make such a stand and not be afraid to say what is in his mind.

Love the smile.
I only wait for the day that locally, celebrities and athletes in the Philippines find both the wisdom and the courage to do the same.

Jokes about his name aside, David is a true inspiration.
I only hope more eventually follow in his courage.
Especially those who are in position of influence but are too afraid to come out.

Helping others is always a good thing.




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