Saturday, October 15, 2011

Geekwood: Catman

Very nice.  
DC Comics nicely does sometime get it right when they revamp a character.  Gail Simone was the person who made Catman the successful hunk he is now, thanks to Villains United and Secret Six.  Whether or not this hot slab of feral meat will still exist in the same hotness stream come the new DC Universe remains to be seen.

Catman, while looking most of the time like a more colorful Batman clone, always kept a Sawyer vibe going.  With his scruffy looks and his typically less-freshly showered appeal.  He used to just be a criminal whose shtick sorta copied Selina Kyle's, but now has turned into a character in his own right.

Gotta note the scars really add to his image.
Gail Simone had released a statement how Catman was supposed to be revealed to be bisexual.  It was sad that the story arc exploring that was cancelled (as always) but it is nice to have it declared as true.  Adding another macho role-model to bisexuality is always a plus, considering how I grew up with only effeminate men as my role models.
Thank you for drawing this!
Yep.  This guy has got them both by the balls.

Had he been in Dungeons and Dragons, Catman would qualify as being Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good, considering how the books reflect him as a villain with a moral code, or a hero who is willing to cross lines others do not.

Ultimately, here's hoping for more hunky men who love more than just the model-esque gals that dominate the comic book cast of thousands.

Dry Humping on covers.  Before and Now.

If the character inspires cosplayers like this, then they're doing something grrrrrreat!


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