Monday, April 12, 2010

[something to try] Beer + Extra Joss

The next time you hit a bar, try making this simple drink to ensure you stay awake long enough to get home okay.

Simply add a bit of extra joss to your bottle of beer.

San Miguel Lite works best with the original Extra Joss.

Red Horse works best with either the Apple (red) or Bubble Gum (blue) flavored Extra Joss.

The beer gains a sweeter taste, and the caffeine in the Extra Joss perks you up with enough energy to keep from getting too sleepy too soon.  Just don't over do it with the Extra Joss.  A single sachet, however, isn't too different from a mug of coffee, so moderation is always the key.

But be sure to pour your beer out to a glass, or drink around 1/4 of the bottle before adding the Extra Joss or you will have a very messy surge in your hands  (not that you guys aren't used to having that.)


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