Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gay-Straight Etiquette

My partner, Rocky, shared me this article today and I found it to be very enlightening.  I thought it may be best to share this link again here on my blog for any readers who may have found themselves tongue-tied in similar situations before.  The article is "" by Andrea Sachs, who interviews Steve Petrow who came up with "Complete Gay and Lesbain Manners" site.

Some of my favorite parts:

If it's O.K. for two straight people to hold hands in this place, there's no reason why that shouldn't be O.K. for us, as long as it's safe and you know that part of this is new to many folks. Some of that just takes time to become part of the landscape.
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Not everybody who's gay wants to get married. But just about everybody who's gay wants the right to get married. And there is a difference there.
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