Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zac being human

Oh lookie.

The 4th of July celebrations brought out more than just patriotic Americans and fireworks.  It also brought out a Zac Efron who actually looks more human than a supposed Disney "genetic product."  Wearing a pair of REALLY low hanging army camo shorts, and a white sando, Zac Efron extruded masculinity and hotness without having to look like he had botox on his entire body.

Admittedly, Zac Efron was one of the Hollywood celebrities I always found extremely talented and yet did not rub me the right way physically.  There were elements of both his facial structure and his fashion sense which I truly found disturbing for a guy whose body was pretty impressively developed.

However, in these pics, we get a glimpse of Zac Efron being just another dude in the beach celebrating with his friends.  His unprepped up hairstyle, his down-to-earth (way too) low cut shorts, and his nonchalant expression just gave him the everyday boy appeal I felt he always had.

And just when you thought it couldn't get better, he opts to strip away his blue wife beater and reveal the lush growth of a love line underneath.  Seriously, with hairy nipples like that and a line that invites the tongue to discover what an Efron tastes like, I'm surprised he didn't carry himself this way more often.

So here's to hoping for more casual Zac Efron pictures to grace the web.  Even better, if he finds a reason to pose in a similar manner with Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls alongside him.  Now that would be a reason to stay at home and collate all the pictures one can find.

For now, though, Zac, keep the fuzz and celebrate.
We're celebrating with you, for sure.

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