Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Jakey, why do you do this to me?

 Looks like Jakey wasn't content to drop his shirt and go river crossing in Men vs Wild.  Here are some of his hot pictures while at the beach with his sister (who will not be appearing in this blog.)

Awww.. he's spitting.  (Yep, let's leave it at that.)

I still don't feel too happy of Jakey's buzz cut.  Plain and simple, Jakey looks far better for me whenever he lets his fuzziness take charge.  I do hope he starts growing back his hair in due time.

Awww don't feel shy.  You don't need to be the slender muscular jock look.
You're just fine, dear.

There's no denying how hot Jake has gotten over the years.  From his twinky Bubble Boy look to this policeman-inspired look, there's a primal appeal that Jakey can work when he chooses to do so.  But it is nice to know how this delicious hunk of man can be super baduy when he wants to be too.

Mwah mwah mwahugs!

Yes, yes, I love you too Jakey.
I don't mind sharing you with my Rocky.


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