Monday, July 18, 2011

PG4M Question: Which should come first?

Sex, Love or Friendship?

GG and me developed friendship first.
We allowed each other to get to know one another.
We saw each others strengths and weaknesses.
We saw and shared each other's passions and interests.

Mind you, we already were having feelings for one another, but rather than let feelings take charge in the start, we gave each other a chance to recognize each other's differences and similarities.

The love that bloomed eventually grew so strong, we had to admit we didn't want to be just friends.

And now, we're still together, and still getting stronger.

Recommended movie: Shelter

If you let friendship form before sex, the love that is created is a strong and pure one. 

If you let sex come first before friendship, you'll confuse lust for love and eventually find yourself looking at other people, because you "think" you're in love again with someone else.

That's how I've seen it, that's how I've experienced it, and that's how I am honestly answering this question.

Sex does not equate a relationship.  Or love.
It is just an act, anyone can do, with the right skills.

But love.
And friendship.

This is sooo true.

Those things need to be given time to bloom.  To develop.
To strengthen.

And sex too soon can weaken the foundations that love and friendship take root on.



Sex first... para alam kung compatible agad in the most important part of the relationship. Tapos magde-date kayo. You'll get to know each other, magiging friends kayo. And finally, you'll fall in love and wanted to establish a lasting relationship with him. Sex, Friendship, Love :)


I disagree.

Sexual compatibility is always something that can be developed.

Connection however, is different.

Sex comes last for me.

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